Course Syllabus

    1. Before you start

    2. About You & Quick Self-Reflection

    1. Module 0: Introduction to the Systems Change Masterclass

    2. For more in-depth learning

    1. Module 1: What Systems Change Is and Why It Matters

    2. Download the Workbook!

    3. For more in-depth learning

    4. Module 1: Post-Module Survey

    1. Module 2: Analyze Your Root Causes

    2. Turn to your Workbook again!

    3. Module 2: Post-Module Survey

    1. Module 3: Find Your Targeted Systems Change Goal

    2. Turn to your Workbook

    3. For more in-depth learning

    4. Module 3: Post-Module Survey

    1. Module 4: Tell the Story of Your Systems Change Strategy

    2. Turn to your Workbook

    3. Module 4: Post-Module Survey

About this course

  • Format: 10 Modules
  • Commitment: 2 hours/ module
  • Dates: Self-paced

Inside this course

  • 8+

    case studies and examples from sectors and countries around the world.

  • 1

    fully designed strategy deck template.

Course Objectives

Setting goals beyond our reach so we can have something to live for!

  • Gain a systemic view beyond your own organizational boundaries and activities.

  • Identify your specific areas of improvement and get clarity about your intended systemic impact and the ability to communicate it.

  • Learn how to engage a broader audience and build a network of allies to achieve systems change.

Who This Is For

This experience provides an introductory and solid basis for anyone who is interested in taking their impact to a deeper level. It is open to:

  • Ashoka Fellows and members of their team

  • Ashoka Young Changemakers

  • Ashoka Support Network members (ASN)

  • Ashoka staff

  • Ashoka corporate partners and their employees

  • Ashoka School Change leaders and educators

“A truly helpful exercise for those who are actually scaling and those who are looking to scale. It allows entrepreneurs to do what they should, think about the future.”

Abu Musuuza | Co-founder of Board Chair Village Energ

“Ashoka Fellow Michael Sani worked with others to create 40x more impact after implementing a systems change strategy that came out of taking this masterclass in-person. ”

Michael Sani | Founder of Bite the Ballot

“The course let us build a profound understanding about the root causes of the problem and not only work on the symptoms. Taking the time and reflecting is the prerequisite for working on the right issues.”

Julia Kleeberger | Co-founder & managing director of Junge Tüftler*innen

“I really enjoyed real life cases and examples to demonstrate that dramatic change is feasible and that it all starts with simple ideas, step by step. It gives me hope and motivation to keep going.”

Mauricio Graciano

Course Leads

Ada Andreoni

Co-leader Systems Change Course

Ada Andreoni is co-leader and facilitator of the Systems Change and Wellbeing offers of the Ashoka Europe One Community team. She also oversees the integration of all learning experiences for the engagement of the international community. At Ashoka, since 2019, she's been fostering capacity for systems change, equitable wellbeing and collaboration.

Florentine Roth

Co-leader Systems Change Course

Florentine Roth is partner of Ashoka Globalizer and Ashoka Germany. Since she joined Ashoka in 2018, the core of her work is to directly and indirectly motivate, empower and equip social entrepreneurs worldwide to effectively and efficiently address the root causes of social problems globally. Currently, she does so by guiding leading social entrepreneurs through strategy development processes and by co-developing and disseminating knowledge products on systems change among changemakers around the world. Prior to Ashoka, she conducted and published research on value systems in social entrepreneurship and managed social projects in Peru.